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Just about half of all PC’s in the world are infected with some time of malware. Whether it’s a virus or spyware, one in every two computers has an infection.
People often think that only people who download adult content or pirate media (stealing movies, songs or software) will get infected. The truth is that many computers are infected — often without the users even knowing. One of the biggest symptoms is a slow computer, but sometimes you may not even notice at all until major damage has been done.

ChicaPC-Shield PRO:

  • 1. Destroys existing malware and prevents future attacks
  • 2. Auto alerts before entering potentially dangerous sites
  • 3. Blocks invaders from stealing personal information while shopping, banking or social networking

Activation Instruction

Please register the software using the activation key provided.

Product ID:    1MG97-M81WX

Product Key:   DF03-E6UF-PXNQ-G1G7

Note: After the installation, you may need to update. As 
there are frequent database updates which means the 
program identifies new malware to detect and quarantine 
as new threats are developed daily, etc.

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  1. Using AVG Anti-virus for a couple of years now, and I would recommend this Antivirus to everyone.


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