Paragon Backup & Recovery 12 Compact Edition Full Version Free Download

Paragon Backup & Recovery 12 Compact Edition is reliable & complete backup and recovery management software helps you backs up your files and folders, operating system or even your entire hard disk and restore it anytime. Easily Create recovery media, Encrypt your backup files and instantly access and manage files.

Software offers Smart Backup options that helps you can backup exactly what you need and with the best & most popular backup method such as Sector backup, Incremental backup, Differential Backup, Encrypted backup, File backup. Save Backup Metafiles, File increment information, efficiently store files in FTP servers. Paragon Backup & Recovery 12 Compact supports basic partitioning and Partition alignment for bare metal restore.

Backup & Recovery software supports USB 3.0 that’s why no matter whatever destination you choose. USB 3.0 enhance transfer speed to a significant level. Backup to any destination you need including local mounted/un-mounted partitions, external storage locations, CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs, network shares, FTP as well as a secured hidden partition on your local drive usually called Paragon Backup Capsule.

Paragon Backup & Recovery 12 Compact has support for the latest HDD standards, and latest Linux Kernel, Ext3/4FS, Apple HFS+ file systems. Compact vertion has some limitation over Home version but it comes with most important feature we may use to keep system and data always safe & online, such as Microsoft VSS Support, Dynamic Volume Support, Backup to CD/DVD und Blu-ray, Mount images to View/Edit Sectors or check data. Plus point is Selective Restore using new Restore Wizard. Very easy to use interface and wizard base backup/restore mode etc functions will never make you disappointing.

Paragon Backup & Recovery 12 Compact Edition Key features

  1. - Professional backup & recovery software
  2. - Backup file, folder, system image, full HDD, or partitions
  3. - Offers: Sector Backup, Incremental Backup, File Backup, Differential Backup, Hot Backup, Encrypted backup
  4. - Support ‘Backup Metafiles’ and File Increments
  5. - Selective restore with new Restore wizard
  6. - Schedule tasks using Easy file backup scheduling
  7. - High speed File Transfer Wizard using USB 3.0
  8. - Microsoft VSS and Dynamic Volume Support
  9. - Basic Partitioning, Supports Ext3/4FS, Apple HFS+, Latest HDD standards
  10. - Improved Support of GPT disks and MBR -> GPT conversion
  11. - Partition alignment for bare metal restore

The product is registered with:

PRODUCT KEY:      BR12-COMPACT-368370268
SERIAL NUMBER:   1289C-54973-24CB1-19D5C

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