Connectify Lite+ 60 Days Unlimited Hotspot Uptime License

Connectify Lite+ lets you create WiFi Hotspot to share internet connection over WiFi. Sharing internet connections like WiFi, Ethernet, 3G/4G, Dial-Up becomes very easy & fast using 24×7 Hotspot Uptime & bidirectional file sharing technique. Connectify is the combination of Hotspot Pro & Dispatch Pro – using this two features your existing high-speed wired internet connections can be combined to maintain load balancing of traffic as well as combined connections can shared over WiFi for accessing using multiple WiFi enabled devices on the go.

Connectify is the best way for beginners & professional to share multiple low-speed or high-speed Wired & Wireless internet connections overs WiFi. No doubt, configuring wireless hotspot using command mode is an annoying & difficult task for most of us but now sharing internet connection, combining multiple connection & sharing files simultaneously become easy & hassle-free.

Conectify Lite+ is an ideal solution that automatically hotspot’s Internet sharing settings and shares existing connection over WiFi to be accessed by Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet or WiFi enabled devices instantly without any restriction or speed limit & disconnection problem and create load balancing router with multiple WAN connection.

Connectify consists of Hotspot & Dispatch

Connectify Hotspot pro
- Create software Access point & share Internet from other WiFi Network
- Unlimited Hotspot Uptime
- Share 3G/4G Connection
- Fling drag-n-drop file transfer
- Custom Hotspot name (SSID) & WiFi Extender Mode
- Full control over Connected devices & Firewall

Connectify Dispatch Pro
- Combine Multiple Internet Connections
- Software Load Balancer
- Unlimited Dispatch Uptime
- Application specific settings
- Connection Metering
- Real-time bandwidth monitoring

Coonectify Lite+ has some limitation over Pro version and some benefits over Connectify Lite. Using Lite+ version you can share Wired connections over default wired connection using Ethernet & default SSID Connectify-me but sill you can access statistics of connected Hotspot devices & get unlimited Hotspot Uptime, on the other hand, multiple connections can be combined, access unlimited Dispatch Uptime & realtime bandwidth monitoring. Rest of the features are alleviate to Connectify Hotspot Pro & Connectify Dispatch Pro version users.

How to get Connectify Lite+ Free License for unlimited Hotspot Uptime

Connectify Hotspot pro & Dispatch Pro normally costs &40 for genuine license key and combination of Hotspot Pro & Dispatch pro costs $55 for lifetime license key. Now you can get Connectify Lite+ with unlimited Hotspot Uptime & Dispatch Uptime & genuine serial key absolutely free of cost.

Connectify comes with an attractive Giveaway where you can get software with unlimited uptime for next 60 days (After the time of activation) just by exchanging a little share via Facebook or Twitter or Google+.

First of all download Connectify 7.2 and install.

#1. Now proceed to this giveaway page and share the giveaway.

#2. Now, enter you name, email id and ‘Submit’ details.

#3. Now check your mail inbox for registered username & password

#4. Launch software by clicking the Connectify Hotspot or Connectify Dispatch icon on Desktop.

#5. To activate Connectify Lite+, open radio wave icon in your Windows system tray (bottom-right, next to the system clock)> Select Tools > Activate License from software Menu. Then, simply enter the username and password to enable your Connectify Lite+ license.


Activate With This Username & Password




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