Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition Free License for Mac/Win

Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition is a perfect professional photo editing software for Windows & Mac system comes with a wide range of photo filters & effects to enhances image quality in seconds. Perfect Effect 8 automatically adjusts image properties using optimized presets & displays the best possible preview that can be customized later or direct saved to HDD.

Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition seems to be the best photo editing software with thousand of high quality image optimizer presets and lots of surprising effects & filters. This software makes you free from hard editing rather it includes thousands of professionally developed effects & filter & provides plenty of editing tools to adjust as a professional. Easily blend multiple stack, effects, filter and combine layers to create the exact output you wish.

Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition

One-click customizable presets, adjustable filters, and manual controls make it easy and fun for photographers-from the popular HDR look to a vintage, Instagram-inspired look. Add stunning Dynamic Contrast to your images, a sunshine glow, texture overlay, a bokeh effect after the shot, and more. You get perfect clarity, tonal contrast, and detail-like effect.

Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition helps you solve the most common digital photography problems with the Adjustment Brushes and the Adjustable Gradients. Make areas darker, lighter or warmer. Add detail, glow or more color. You can also reveal highlights and recover shadows. It works as a plug-in to Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, Apple Aperture, and as a standalone application.

Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition Key features

♦ Filters: Adjustment Gradient, Adjustment Brush, Black & White, Bleach Bypass, Antique, Blur, Border, Color Enhance, Cross Process, Dynamic Contrast, Glow, Grunge, HRD Look, Lens blur, Photo Filter, Portrait Enhancer, Sharpening, Split Tone, Sunshine, Texturizer, Tone Enhancer, Vignette, Vintage.

♦ Effects: PE4 Alternative Processes, PE4 Black & White, PE4 Color correction, PE4 Contrast, PE4 Film Gain, PE4 Glow, PE4 Grunge, PE4 Landscape, PE4 Movie looks, PE4 Portrait – Enhance, PE4 Portrait Re-touch, PE4 True Film, PE4 Vintage.

♦ Favorites: Saves most recent used effects & filters, Each effect & filter contains individual presets with preview to add effects like lighten, Contrast, Cooler, Darken, Detail, Glow, Punch, Vibrance, Warmer, Sunglow, sunshine and many more.

♦ Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition offers easy-to-use editing panel, better know as preview panel where you get zoom in/out, hand tool, paint tool, Reset/invert mode, and check to compare in realtime using after,before, Mask-Red, Mask-white, Mask-Green, Mask-Dark, Mask-Grayscale.

♦ Each filter has its own type to adjust options and add colors. Easily adjust strength, saturation, polarization, etc. There are hundred of adjustments are there in ‘Filter options”.

♦ Effects & Filters are applied to individual layer which makes it very easy to adjust effects & quality using Adjustment Brush & Adjustment Gradient filters.

♦ Perfect Effects 8 Premium has option to blend effects & filters using preloaded elements, easily adjust range, protect Highlight, Shadows, Skin.

♦ Check full Histogram and EXIF information in details. Thumbnail preview mode for effects & filter to check & compare more precisely. Control Master Opacity & layer Opacity.

♦ Software supports Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 64-bit. Video Graphics Memory is must and for stable performance PC needs 8GB RAM, we have tested in 4GB RAM, it works but decrease running apps performance, so better close running application before run it.

Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition Free Full version License for Mac/Win

Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition normally costs $99.95 for genuine license/serial key with tech support. Pricing is perfect compare to such professional effects and wizard mode editing. onOne Perfect Effects 8 is perfect for beginners & professional, all you need some times to explore the best in it.

onOne has announced a special giveaway where you can download this photo editing software with genuine registration key absolutely free of costs. Giveaway will be available up to Jan 28, 2014. Both Mac & Windows OS users can participate to collects official serial key within giveaway period.

First of all download necessary installer:

Download Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition for Mac (Size: 243.74MB)
Download Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition for Windows (Size: 263.74MB )

Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition giveaway

1. Now go to this promo page and press “Get started” button.
2. You will be redirected to “Check out” page, all you need to press “Request Download” button.
3. Now enter necessary details like name, email id, Country and “Place My Order
4. Now collects your personal license code on very next page.
# Clear browser history, cookie, cache from browser if you face any problem while registration yourself for license.

OR Activate This Key

License Number:   206500-594111-068351

Download Here

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