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Dr Email Verifier is a simple email checker that is specially designed for you to check and verify the validity of all your email addresses in a few simple steps: pasting your email address on the blank, clicking "Check Now" button and reading the checking result. With Dr Email Verifier, you always can quickly know whether your specified email addresses are valid or not and efficiently keep your emailing list clean all the time.

Dr Email Verifier Key Features
As a reliable email checker, Dr Email Verifier has offered many great features for you. Here are some key features:

1. An Easy-to-use Email Checker
Firstly, Dr Email Verifier is designed to be as simple as possible. It has no any difficult or complicate option or operation. Secondly, with Dr Email Verifier, you often can check the validity of your assigned addresses in only three steps: pasting your email address on the blank, clicking “Check Now” button and reading the checking result. So, it is really an easy-to-use email checker.

2. Quickly and Efficiently Check Validity and Existence of Your Emails
With Dr Email Verifier, you cannot only check whether all your assigned emails are valid in seconds and also can easily verify whether they exist on the email server from its “Description” function.

3. Considerately Show You Detailed Information of Your Emails
In order to make its results more reliable and convincing, Dr Email Verifier will also show you the detailed information of your input emails in its “Interaction” section, including telling you’re the interaction between Dr Email Verifier and the destination email sever, telling you the reasons why you get the result and more.

4. Automatically Filter Some Unsupported Email Servers
Aiming to get a right and convincing result, Dr Email Verifier will also automatically skip some unsupported email servers for you.

5. .csv, .xls, .xlsx Email List Supported

It supports email address lists in the following formats: .csv, .xls, .xlsx that you keep your email address list. And this is supported by most email address contact list.

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