2012 April \ How To Get 3G Speed On TaTa Docomo

2G plans
Hello there , I am here again with an exciting and my first tata Docomo
trick.By trying this trick, you may get 3G speed on 2G plans.Follow these

1. First Activate a 2G Gprs plan on your 3G Docomo Sim
2. Then make your balance to a level RS 1-2
3. Then type *141# and choose the cheapest plan( In my area it is 9
for 10 MB
4. Then they will inform you that you have no sufficient balance to
activate the plan.
5. Just ignore it and open your browser and check the speed
6. WOW, 3G speed on 2G plans

1. Activate a 3G plan ( cheapest)
2. Then activate the 2G plan ( 2GB or 4GB or any other plan as you
You will get the 3G speed
Thanks for Visiting.Come back again for more tricks

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