How to Sucessfully steal someone's IP with PHP Script (No cmd BS)

I see that ALOT of people think that using netstat command in CMD is a good way to trace IPs
But there is a MUCH better way to grab someones ip that dose not require Skype IP resolver , CMD or that shit
Requirements : Web hosting
We can steal peoples IP's with a simple PHP Script
Basically copy this PHP code below :


Script Modified by Deltaforce from Ubers , i have left some notes in the script so you people can actually understand how it works :P
//Starts the session
// Records IP and store it into variable $ip
//Check for IP already registered
echo 'We already have recorded the ip

echo 'Your IP is '.$ip;
//Just output something :P
echo 'This script records IP Address of the visitors

echo 'Your IP is '.$ip;
//Check if user came from some other link
//Stores referral URl in $ref
//If user is a direct user then $ref will be DIRECT USER
$ref ='Direct visitor';
//Stores browser details in $browser
$browser = $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'];
//Opens file for appending
$file = fopen('iprecord.txt','a');
//Records User Date
$date = date('d/m/Y');
//Records User Time
$time = date('H:i:s');
//Storing values in $str and using PHP_EOl at end.It adds a line break
$str = 'Date: '.$date.' | Time: '.$time.' | IP: '. $ip.' | Referral URL: '.$ref.' | Browser: '.$browser.PHP_EOL; 
//Writes the values to file
//Closes the file
//Registers a session so that ip is not registered consecutively
$_SESSION['reg'] = sha1($ip);
//Script Ended

NOTE : I have left some Notes in the script for u guys to read so that you can understand and actually know how the script works!! 

Also you should have some basic knowledge of how to upload file via FTP and web hosting in genral , if you dont then i cant help cuz im kinda lazy..

Save it as a .php file and upload it to your web hosting like 000webhost.com

Now send the link to the PHP file to your victim and and make sure they click/visit the link. Once they have done that go to your FTP account on 000webhost and look in the same diretory as you put your Ip stealer and thre should be a text file called file.txt and it should contain your victims stolen IP and other extra info like date and time when it was stolen and user-agent , OS and all that shit

Last step (optional) go to http://www.ip-adress.com/ip_tracer/ and paste in the victims IP and it should show you a close estimate of your victims location (remember this Ip tracer is not 100% accurate)

That's about it , Dont leech this tutorial and post a thank you 

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