Create your own Android Browser | [How to]

Did you ever want to create your own customizable(your own logo, splash screen, browser name etc) android browser to impress your friends, but your programming skills came on the way. Don’t worry today, I’m sharing an online tool which help you to easily create your own customizable browser.

Few months ago Maxthon, a software company has released an online tool named as Make Your Browser that lets you to easily create customizable android browser.

To create your own customized web browser, you don’t need any programming skills, just move on to Maxthon Make your Browser page and follows a few simple steps like name of your browser, your own browser icon, splash screen, select theme/skin, set browser default homepage etc and your own customized android browser will be ready to share with your friends on facebook, google or twitter.

Your custom-made browser comes with many great features like fast speed, private browsing, day/night mode, custom user agent, wap/web, flash on demand, quick scroll etc

So create your own android browser and share with your friends, upper is some screenshot of how to create your own browser

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