Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer: Freeware to customize Start Screen

Thinking of customizing your Windows 8 start screen?  Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer is a free utility developed to manage and change the appearance of the start screen of Windows 8. With this utility you can easily manage the background, opacity and the number of  tile rows of your PC’s start screen.

To start with, if you want a custom background for your start screen you can simply click on “Load Image” button and select your desired image and after that you may then click on “Apply” button to successfully change the background of the start screen. You can also choose the part of the image to be displayed as a background. You can choose any type of image file.

With this free utility you can also change the opacity of the start menu. Opacity here means the transparency of start menu. With this software you can make your start screen completely transparent or partially transparent so that you can have a peek at the background processes. The software also lets you change the opacity of the application tiles. You can now have two different transparency levels for the start screen, background and application tiles.

This free software will let you set the maximum number of rows in your start menu. This feature is really very useful, as with this option you can change the basic appearance of your start menu according to your needs and not according to your screen resolution’s need. It will let you redesign the basic design of the start menu and gives you the best fit of metro tiles on your PC screen.

Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer has a nice interface which is very easy to use and it lets you perform all the customizations very fast.

Click here to download Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer. It is a beta release and the download is offered as a 7-zip file. Remember to create a system restore point first before using it.

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